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The easiest entry into IT

Profession Frontend Developer for 6 months
BENEFITS] — this...
title-shape1Increase revenue and profit
title-shape1Get better information about customers
title-shape1Track Sales opportunities 
title-shape1Increase Productivity of Customer Service
title-shape1Real Time Data access,
title-shape1Single point solution for front-end and back-end systems
iFrend] if:

iFREND aims to replace the user interface for all your customer servicing functions used by the Call Centre and Back Office. Depending on your current system, that potentially gives little to no capability to the users to action the customer requests at the time of the call, iFrend is revolutionary and provides real time updates without the need of a batch.


iFrend is “back-end” agnostic and iSphereIQ can retrieve the information required for your screens from any of your databases.

We have listened to our customers and developed a product that is Credit and Retail Bank specific (although we can customize it for many other areas), saves your CS Staff valuable time due to Bank Wide updates and is supported by a company that has been in operation for over 13 years.

So you can choose to purchase an expensive, inflexible non-specific CRM, or you can buy iFrend and be part of the future. The choice is that easy

<1> iFREND empowers the CSO to make relevant and beneficial offers to the customer.
<2> JAVA script:

Learn Javascript language allowing you to add interactivity to websites. It can be used to create interactive effects on web pages.

<3> Streamlines the process, eliminating multiple steps, paper and actions the sale real time.
<4> Soft skills
Upgrade your soft skills and get new knowledge in programming to become a valued expert on IT industry at ease!
<5> Improves Customer Satisfaction as CSO engagement with customer is increased.

IT courses can help you turn your love of all things geek, and passion for a particular industry, into a brilliant career as a programmer, network professional, technical support, security specialist and more.


Each course of the program comprises:

Equip yourself with the core principles and processes required for successful agile projects.
Here you have unique opportunity to improve Technical English language skills.
<career sklls>
Discover the best chance to get ultimate career skills in IT industry and become a Pro!

<new generation



title-shape3CONCEPT_ ]
counter1Visiting theoretical classes
Learn the basics from the theoretical classes and get on the next level!
counter2Implementation of practical cases
Practical cases will give you great opportunity to train your skills and start forming your portfolio.
counter3Visiting theoretical classes
On this stage you’ll learn more complex cases and will study how to find solutions for them.
counter4Visiting theoretical classes
We will provide you with loads of useful materials and extra knowledge in IT.
Integrated platform / 
Customer Verification / 
Customer View / 
Integrated platform / 
Business Rule Integration / 
Integration with phone systems / 
Call tracking / 
Reduction in Call Handling Time / 
Support Cross-sell Functionality / 
Dramatically reduce training Time / 
Advanced help / 
MLI Based or API / 
Entitlement control by User, Caller, Account Typ / 
Easy Navigation and User Friendly Screens / 
01/ Search/Related Cards/Account Inquiry
02/ Permanent/Temporary/Instant Credit Limit Increase
03/ Reinstate Card
04/ Replace Plastic
05/ Adjustments
06/ Card Upgrade
07/ General Memo
08/ Authorization List/Add/Reversal
09/ Card Activation
10/ Card/Customer/Account Maintenance
11/ Direct Debit details Inq/Maint
12/ Pin Request
13/ Phone and Email Maintenance/Details
14/ Maintenance History
15/ Payments History
16/ Statement Details/Interest
17/ Unbilled Transactions
18/ Rewards Summary by Account/Customer/History
19/ Rewards Adjustments/Enrollment
20/ Redemption Add/Maint/Inquiry/Cancellation/Fulfillment
21/ Online/Batch Letter Request
22/ Notes Inquiry/Add
23/ Payoff Inquiry
24/ Permanent Credit Limit Decrease
25/ Business Process Automation
26/ Workflow Solution for non real-time service requests
27/ Automate manual processes
28/ Auto Updates the Customer Database at the end of a process
29/ Handles multiple stages and multiple departments
30/ Reduce Back Office Requirements
31/ Tracks Service Levels
32/ Reduces the handling time and automates the process


Pay for the course monthly or in full (with a 5% discount), payment by installments is possible


2 times a week, on Thursdays from 19:30 to 21:30 and Saturdays from 11:00 to 13:00


The next group will start in October 2018


We pay attention to each course student. Therefore, the number of seats is limited


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