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iFREND Platform

iFREND aims to replace the user interface for all your customer servicing functions used by the Call Centre and Back Office. Depending on your current system, that potentially gives little to no capability to the users to action the customer requests at the time of the call, iFREND is revolutionary and provides real time updates without the need of a batch.

iFREND is “back-end” agnostic and iSphereIQ can retrieve the information required for your screens from any of your databases.

We have listened to our customers and developed a product that is Credit and Retail Bank specific (although we can customize it for many other areas), saves your Customer Service Staff valuable time due to Bank-wide updates and is supported by a company that has been in operation for over 15 years.

So you can choose to purchase an expensive, inflexible non-specific CRM, or you can buy iFREND and be part of the future. The choice is that easy.

iFREND Directive

Option for Relationship or Account driven Servicing

MLI and/or nightly download - remains always in-sync with host systems

Realtime integration to processing systems

Machine learning

Able to cater for all servicing requests

• Fully parameterised
• Business rule engine
• Workflow capability
• Case management
• Full history and audit trails

Must be easy to use with little to no training (intuitive)

Must have a familiar user experience regardless of product being services

Eliminates human errors

Realtime analytics and decision making

Must ensure compliance to Business

Operational Risks and Regulatory Bodies

Business Benefits

History shows that Customer Satisfaction results are directly related to the customer experience in dealings with operational area’s. iFREND can make an impact…..

Major improvement in service quality

Major improvement in service quality

Maintenance performed real-time

Maintenance performed real-time

Agent capability increased

Agent capability increased

Reduction of back office work by 80%

Reduction of back office work by 80%

Complaints dealt with real-time

Complaints dealt with real-time

Introduce and/or Increase cross selling during service call with fulfillment

Introduce and/or Increase cross selling during service call with fulfillment

Elimination of Operational errors

Elimination of Operational errors

Full compliance to Operational Risk

Full compliance to Operational Risk

Full compliance to regulatory and schemes

Full compliance to regulatory and schemes

Instant PCIDSS compliant for all connected systems

Instant PCIDSS compliant for all connected systems

Business Process Automation

Workflow parameter driven

Handles multiple stages and multiple departments


Workflow Solution for non-systemic service requests and sensitive requests which require approval

Regular auto-updates of the Customer database at the end of a process

Full Service Level tracking

Customer Service Features


Single Sign-on for all product processors

Full service functions for all products

Inbound Sales enabler

Total customer view, all linked accounts

Quick Integration with standard APIs

Paramaterised Business Process Automation

Integrated to phone system, email, SMS and messaging systems

Real-time fulfillment

Full Audit Trail, track team performance and Sales targets

Achieve platform PCI compliance easily

Parameterised business logic – Operational Risk, Compliance and Control


The iSeries products are designed to extend the life of legacy systems, improve customer satisfaction and enhance staff productivity.




Rewards and Loyalty System


Loan Origination System


Internet Platform

iFREND Sales Leveraging

Transforms Customer Service Operations from a cost centre to a profit centre.

iFREND empowers the Customer Service Officers to make relevant and beneficial offers to the customer.

Realtime qualification of customers and offerings

Streamlines the process, eliminating multiple steps, paper and real-time fulfilment

Improves Customer Satisfaction as CSO engagement with customer is increased.

Tracks Sales and Commission

iSphereIQ Dispute System (IDS)

The Enhanced Dispute Management System supports the Customer Service Officer in his/her handling of the cardholder disputes.

Calculate hours worked, billed, and rate for each employee each week. Track quotes for products and services.

The easiest entry into IT


A Satisfied Client Said
The current system has no connectivity to the existing subsystems of the bank and is limiting the activities that could be executed by the users. As a result, even simple requests could not be processed by the agents while the call is ongoing. iFREND system provides a solution to this predicament. The architecture of iFREND is such that it is fully integrated to the back-end system and to all other subsystems of the bank.